Company Details

APASS Education Consulting Corp


Job Title: Business development officer

Legal business name: APASS Education Consulting Corp

Address: 2140 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6M 1Z1

Hours: 30 hours/week

Salary: $37-45/hour

Other incentives: bonus/commission based on performance

Job Type: Full-time, Permanent



We are looking for a motivated and result-driven candidate who has 3+ years of proven experience in business development and management and is passionate about the education consulting sector.

The ideal candidate for this job is resourceful, with an analytical mindset, a good problem solver and a multitasker. He/ she should have a keen understanding of the education sector. Being multilingual, having a keen number sense, and international exposure are valuable assets in this position.


Job Description:

To extend our services to more students abroad, we are looking for a proven growth-minded Business development officer to join our growing team. The Business development officer will:

– Conduct social or economic surveys on local and international areas to assess development potential and future trends

– Conduct research on the latest industry trends and clients’ behaviors; Analyze competitor’s business models and campaigns; Evaluate customer service to optimize marketing strategies

– Review and evaluate business development proposals; Examine their compliance and viability  with government regulations and public policy

– Develop, execute, and oversee a business strategy that prioritizes growth and positive customer ratings

– Identify emerging opportunities, evaluate prospects, develop and execute strategic plans to generate leads and secure new partnerships

– First point of contact for new business opportunities and account issues; Evaluate business liaison proposals and respond to business inquiries

– Communicate business insights on competitive industry information; Devise marketing research tools, executive initiatives and analyze statistics

– Present our services and unique selling points to sales and marketing teams, partners and clients; Optimize campaigns to increase local and international exposure

– Plan development projects and coordinate activities with department heads

– Prepare research reports, presentations and project plans


Requirements and Qualifications:

– Bachelor’s degree with a background in economics, commerce, business administration or public administration is required.

– Minimum three (3) years of proven work experience in business development or business management

– Exceptional analytical and strategic planning skills

– Ability to manage multiple projects, deadlines, and work across departments

– Strong cultural competencies

To apply for this position please email your information to

About APASS Education Consulting Corp

Company Introduction:

APASS Education, based in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, strives to be a one-stop education provider for students of all ages. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide a wide range of educational services for young people. We firmly believe our teachers are at the heart of the high-quality education we provide to our clients. Our instructional roster contains more than eighty teachers, including certified teachers or university lecturers at Canadian or American colleges.

In addition, we cooperate with many internationally renowned organizations to build youth quality training projects and jointly organize international competitions. We maintain close contact with Canadian government agencies, parliamentarians, and local institutions to provide young people with opportunities to participate in politics. At APASS we constantly strive towards our goal to be the most trusted education brand and we are devoted to continuously offering new and better services and guidance to help students better adapt to our constantly changing world.