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Lewis Plumbing


Position: Plumber Helper – NOC 75110

Company: Lewis Plumbing (S&E Residential Plumbing)

Location: Sooke, BC

Salary: $27.75 – $30.00

Position Status: Temporary – 1 Vacant Position, 1 year, Full Time, 32-50 hours per week

Financial Benefits, Other Benefits: Automobile Allowance: Gasoline and Milage

Contact: 1-250-556-4623

Business Address: 5770 Siasong Rd, Sooke, BC, V9Z 0C4, Canada

Required Skills & Education

·      Language: English

·      Education: High School Diploma (minimum)

·      Work Experience: 1 year (minimum) of plumbing-related experience.

·      Basic plumbing skills and knowledge of plumbing systems, equipment, and workplace safety procedures to assist experienced plumbers. These basic skills and knowledge can be gained from previous work experience, pre/apprenticeship training, or vocational training.

·      Basic math skills to perform tasks, such as measuring and cutting pipe.

·      Physical fitness to perform heavy lifting, work in confined spaces, and be on the feet for extended periods.

·      Good hand-eye coordination to operate hand and power tools safely and effectively.

·      Willingness to learn and adapt to perform a range of tasks as directed.

·      Team-player with a positive and friendly attitude.

·      Willingness to travel within British Columbia as required.

Job Duties:

·      Support the inspection of plumbing systems, checking for leaks and ensuring fixtures function properly.

·      Maintain tools and equipment, ensuring cleanliness, safety and good working condition.

·      Assist in loading, unloading and transporting construction materials and equipment from service trucks to other worksite areas and arrange for accessibility.

·      Perform basic repairs and maintenance tasks, such as replacing washers, unclogging pipes, and replacing damaged pipe sections.

·      Assist in the installation of new plumbing systems, including toilets, sinks and water heaters.

·      Procure necessary materials from suppliers to ensure availability for each job.

·      Maintain cleanliness of the work area in accordance with regulatory safety standards, removing rubble and other debris at construction sites, cleaning and piling salvaged materials, and disposing of waste materials properly.

·      Help with soldering angle stops and lowering drain stub-outs.

·      Search, locate, repair and report water leaks.

·      Determine piping system and pipe sizing requirements.

·      Support the installation, repair, and maintenance of domestic, commercial, or industrial plumbing fixtures and systems.

·      Perform other activities on sites, as directed.


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About Lewis Plumbing

Lewis Plumbing is a high-quality plumbing company that specializes in condominium plumbing volume renovations, serving clients on Southern Vancouver Island (Victoria to Nanaimo). We commit to meeting the timelines and needs of our contractors, exceeding the expectations of customers and clients, and maintaining our corporate values of quality, trustworthiness and integrity.