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Maven Lane


Company:  Maven Lane

Location:  Vernon, BC

Position:  ECEA/RA are responsible for guiding children from infancy to school age.  Using a variety of educational philosophies and life skills, Educators will provide care in a manner that will encourage children’s intellectual, physical, social, developmental, and emotional growth and support the children with care including hygiene, feeding, exercise, and play.

Salary:  $17.50/hour


  • ECEA Certification or RA course completed
  • First Aid (Working with Children) course completed or registered
  • Positive, pro-active, and professional persona
  • Reliable, cooperative, and flexible work ethic
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Leadership qualities

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Supervise, guide, and assist children in daily activities
  • Provide a safe, caring environment that is kept orderly, clean, and appealing, and creates a welcoming, warm, joyful experience
  • Collaborate with Program Facilitator and Team Members to create a classroom that is conducive to learning and appropriate to the physical, social, and emotional development of children – with an emphasis on emergent curriculum
  • Plan, prepare, and implement age appropriate, indoor/outdoor activities that adhere to emergent curriculum and encourage curiosity, exploration, and problem solving appropriate to the development levels of the children
  • Model appropriate and positive behavior through daily contact with children and Early Childhood Educators in the Program
  • Maintain housekeeping duties and equipment upkeep
  • Be aware of medical and developmental history of all children within the program
  • Observe children to detect signs of ill health or emotional disturbance
  • Assess child development, and ensure any special requirements are accommodated
  • Interact with children to encourage their involvement in activities
  • Oversee infant and child meal and snack times, and provide visible record keeping
  • Maintain open, friendly, and cooperative relationship with each child’s family and encourage parent involvement in the Program
  • Be sensitive to individual children’s differences and needs, and be able to adjust programming to meet those individual needs
  • Ensure confidentiality always of all information related to the Organization, Membership and Staff
  • Work with Team Members to form a positive, supportive team atmosphere
  • Participate in Team Planning Sessions and work cooperatively and effectively as a Team Member by communicating and contributing information on a continuous basis

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